Best bait casting rod and reel for beginner

As the summer months bring all different types of outdoor activities bass fishing has to be one of my favorite things to do. Whether you are a causal fishermen or an extremist, we can all agree that fishing is a great way to relax and enjoy a nice summer day. For myself I grew up spending every waking moment outside and fell in love with being next to a pond, lake, river or any body of water that I could get permission to fish. There is something about being outside and away from the chaos of the city that I found relaxing. Most kids these days do not get the same luxury of being able to spend time outside trying new things.

At a young age I found that fishing out of a pond was my favorite thing to do. So I would do anything I could to gain permission from different landowners to fish their ponds. Whether it was fixing fence, mucking out stalls in a barn or being an on call handyman, I was there willing to work. As my passion grew for fishing I would start to watch how to videos on YouTube to see what others that shared my passion to bass fish were doing. The problem that I experienced from that was seeing all of this super expensive gear that everyone was using. Now being a young kid there was no way I would be able to drop thousands of dollars on the top of the line fishing gear. Here I am with a raggedy old rod and reel with hand me down fishing lures and a tackle bag, I decided I would spend all summer working my tail off to afford those nice rods and reels.

As I continued to work and save I noticed something, I was still catching fish with all of the gear that I had. Now granted I couldn’t cast clear across a pond like the new gear would have been able to but I was still catching the same fish. That right there taught me one of the biggest life lessons I could ever learn. Don’t worry about what all these other people have and what they are doing. Instead of enjoying the moment of being able to be outside I was too worried about what others were doing. Yes I still wanted to upgrade my gear but I realized I can still enjoy what I have while I have it.

With $200 in my hand I went to my local Walmart and bought an Abu Garcia Blackmax combo rod and reel along with a tackle bag and I was stoked. Finally for the first time I had a nice rod and reel. At the time I thought it was the best thing money could buy. For $100 it certainly is a great deal. The Blackmax is amazing for beginners simply because you can’t beat the quality for the price. I would recommend this for anyone that is starting out and wants to fish like a pro. It is extremely easy to use and beginner friendly. To this day I keep one in my arsenal of fishing rods.

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